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There’s nothing ‘Mini’ about Me…

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I love a library! Rooms full of knowledge and adventure and fantasy and fact and FREE BOOKS! What’s not to love? Our School library is run by a human dynamo named Carol who decided to run a Self-portait competition for pupils and staff. As we were allowed to use any medium it seemed only natural for me to make a Mini-Me doll.

I have only ever made two dolls before. One is Leilani, our home fairy. One year, frustrated in my search for a Christmas fairy I decided to attempt to make my own. She had to be pretty and have beautiful brown skin like my lovely girls. I made her out of scrap fabric, drew her face using permanent ink and fashioned wings  using wire, old tights and a sprinkling of glitter (Pretty Polly Nylons, if you must know).

Isn’t she a hottie?!

My next foray in to doll-making was years later following a plaintive plea from my little sewing-phobic sister. ‘Pleeeeease can you make Peso the penguin for my son? He LOVES the Octonauts!”. Erm…who? Conveniently over looking the fact that I have two teenage girls, know nothing about little children and had never even heard of Peso I set about this task with apprehension. I watched The Octonauts (after Rastamouse it’s become a favourite. Don’t judge me) and after a few wrong turns (flammable fabric, anyone?) managed to make a pretty good Peso. The best part is that he has become my nephew’s Toy du Jour. That’s a phrase, right?

I often find that I build a problem up into a massive mountain until I finally start and realise it was a teensy molehill after all! This formula applies to most parts of my life, unfortunately, which is why my title as Queen of Proscrastination will take some beating. However, I also love a challenge so once I had decided that Mini-Me would be a combination of the real me (hair and matching accessories) and fantasy me (perfect make-up and  ever-ready smile) making her became easier. Less of an Oh-My-Gawd-What-Have-I-Done? and more  Fun-Times-In-Front-Of-CSI:Miami. Her face is embroidered and her orange linen headwrap matches her undergarments. Oh yeah!

P.s I gained an ‘honourable mention’ for my entry and received a special book prize – To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee. Read it. It’s good.

I was so pleased with my Mini-me that I decided to run a competition. All you had to do was to tell me why YOU deserved to have a Mini-Me created. The lucky winner, Debbs, wanted to send her doll to her sister because they missed each other so much. Awww! I’m a sucker for a bit of sentiment. I made sure that she was wearing her favourite jeans tucked in to some ‘leather’ boots. As soon as the winner was announced I was contacted by an unlucky entrant, Kate, who wanted to commission a Mini-me for her boyfriend! Kate has gorgeous long curly hair and wanted to wear a dress and matching shoes! What I loved about making them was the artistic license I was given. They really are a combination of real life people and their fantasy counterparts. I hope that Debbs and Kate love their Mini-me’s as much as I enjoyed creating them!

So what about you? Have you ever worked yourself in to a state of near paralysis over something that turned out to be easier than you thought? Or is that just me?


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  1. These are fantastic! I love how you make them look like the person requesting them. So many possibilities. Will you be offering these in your shop?

  2. I loved reading the story behind their making… she who procrastinates, does so because she desires perfection! Really a great piece of writing… and I am not just saying that because of the lovely words about our school library – honest. And Yea for libraries and free books!!

    • Yes I thought you might like to have a read. I mean every word I say too. I like your take on procrastination…and whilst I could be called a bit of a perfectionist it’s more usually because I can always find something else to do. hey ho.
      thanks for taking the time to comment.
      k xx

  3. I heart you! But stop nicking my title! I’m the Queen of Procrastination! The most embarrassing thing about it is that 99% of what I put off, when I do it, it takes minutes. Sure I fannied around procrastinating about it for far longer! I need to get back to doing See It, Do It, Think It, Do It. Very stressful initially but it gets sh*t done! I love your dolls especially the one of you. I think I shall have to commission one of myself 😉 Oh and I was a major bookworm until I popped those divas. Escapism since I was 4 – libraries and bookshops are great for evading crackerjack family!

    • Then I shall be the Princess of Putting off then ok? Isn’t that always the case though? things are always easier because we work them up into these huge insurmountable objects! I love that See it, Think it, Do it. I should try it but The fear of Failure gets in the way too often.
      Books wise my record is a year to read one book. I am officially rubbish. But I’m trying. You can read the Mister men books to your divas instead!
      thanks for the subscription and the comments. and I HEART you too!
      k xx

  4. I remember when you first made Leilani I loved her so much! I always thought it was funny that she had her own little box to live in for a year before the unveiling every Christmas…I always thought she looked so beautiful on top of our unique Christmas Tree 😀

  5. I’m glad that you love Leilani because I made her with you guys in mind. Thanks for stopping by Moonbeam 🙂 xx

  6. lovely dolls! I think personalised ones could really take off.
    I have an octonauts fan here, so love the peso doll too!

  7. Seriously I never know who these characters are until my sister tells me about them! When I visit I have been subjected to the Zingzillas theme tune on repeat. I’m a Bill and Ben girl myself…from the days when colour tv was a new innovation!
    thanks for your comments. glad you like the dolls 🙂

  8. I love having a sister who when pushed, shoved or plied with drinks
    will make pretty much anything for her gorgeous nephew Luke. You are sooooo darn talented hot chick. xxx

    • Ahh what can I say? You’re very …erm…persuasive and Lil man is just irresistible! Free wine works on most occasions I find! 😉
      thanks for your lovely comment Lady Allen!


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