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I’m sorry..? Do I know you?

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Inside the hotel. Wowsah!

If you had told my 19 year old self that, 30 years on, I would enjoy taking pictures of boring buildings I would have stared at you incredulously. And then if you had continued to say that I would actually enjoy walking around gawping up at said buildings and snapping photographs with not one human-being in front of them…I would probably have dismissed you as delusional…and backed away slowly yet determinedly.

Is this was age does to you? (stumbles as the walls shudder to a reverberating chorus ‘YES!!’)

Nevertheless I found myself in Seville for a few days last week with my darling dotty mother. I have visited Seville once before and I do remember loving the place. So much, in fact, that I vowed to take my mum there for a holiday. Umpteen years and a poor memory later, stumped for an idea for her birthday present, I suddenly remembered my vow. Eureka!

I booked a impressive hotel – Las Casa de la Juderia – in the heart of the historic quarter Santa Cruz. Impressive only as I chose it using the internet equivalent of pinning the tail on the donkey blindfolded. But my mother doesn’t need to know that, does she? After a horrible flight (RyanAir. Never.Ever.Again) we landed in the heat and vibrance of Seville.

When mother stole my camera...

Aaaaaaand b r e a t h e.

Mama wearing matching Hibiscus

The hotel was the perfect choice (sshhh!) for my nature loving mum as it is a maze of quaint old buildings and courtyards adorned with lush gardens. Mum insisted on pointing the various flowers and fruit out to me and telling me the names. Hibiscus, Jasmine, pomegranates and, erm…well lots of jasmine (I’m not a keen gardener – can you tell?) I was impressed by the orange and lemon trees that lined practically every street though. Different ones you understand – oranges and lemons do not grow on the same tree even in the magical land of Seville. Silly.

So we walked, talked, laughed and got totally lost on the streets of Seville on a daily basis. I took pictures of buildings and flowers and tiles (Seville does like a cool tile…for obvious reasons) and sometimes I even let my mum stand in front of them. Madness. Must have been the heat.


When I had told friends that I was taking my mum to Seville I got ‘In August? It’s very hot there!’. Well I can tell you we LOVED it! Admittedly 32 degrees centigrade can make one flag a bit, but what with the air conditioning and the shaded plazas and the meandering and the pretty scenery…and the cold beer and tapas breaks we were just fine thank you very much.

An infirmary and an Art gallery. Cool!

And did I mention the colours? Sunshine makes everything seem so much more alive! Time away from home, a chance to recharge in the sun and to sleep without my head racing. It’s amazing what a few nights in a different space can help you achieve.

I love to work with colours and patterns so it’s no surprise that I feel so inspired by the shortest of times in Seville. I’m glad that I took all those pictures of buildings and flowers. Maybe my 19 year old self wouldn’t think I’d lost it after all.

Colourful? I think so!

So what about you? Have you altered your viewpoint as time passed? What might your younger self think of you now?


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  1. I still haven’t got into the whole walking round buildings and taking pictures thing. I once went to Barcelona (for football) and did a City Tour but that was about it! I couldn’t walk around in the Heat on a City Break in August with these Hot Flushes, but sounds like you loved it! I’d be laying round a pool someone but I do fancy going to Rome one day but not in August! lol x

    • Ah the dreaded hot flushes. My time is coming so I’m making the most of it! I went to Rome for a day once (long story) and managed a pic at the Trevi fountain. Would love to visit Italy again for a longer spell. In the meantime I promised my mum I’d take her back to Seville if she learns Spanish. Watch this space!

  2. Fantastic! Thank you… What a lovely read to wake up to! Made all the more special as I’d just had a dream about mum and had her wonderful laugh echoing in my mind… What a beautiful joyful laugh she has 🙂 has my viewpoint altered?! Incommensurably, I feel…xxx

    • Heeeeeey! Thanks Mark! Mum giggled from start to finish! and who knew that she had such a…how can I put it…’basic’ sense of humour! She loved it and seems to think that we’re going back every year. I know – YOU take her next year! You would love the Seville! 😀

  3. Ok. Now I’ve discovered a sudden burning desire to go to Seville, thanks for that! 😀 Looks beautiful – and I love that pic your mum took of you!

    • Go. It is beautiful. Oranges hanging from real live trees!! What’s not to love? You can walk everywhere and eat and drink in between. Heaven! Some places were shut for the month as the sensible Spanish escaped the heat but there was still so much to see (and eat!). Its cheaper in August because of the heat by the way. Suited us fine! Thanks commenting, lovely. x

  4. It looks stunning. You and your mumma are so beautiful. xxxx

  5. It was indeed. I take after my mum so can’t take much credit! We had a fab time and I’d go again (with someone else’s credit card) in a heartbeat. Next stop Scotland – any similarities to Seville I wonder? 😉

  6. LOL Its very green??? does that bare a resemblence?? Mind you its due to all the rain. Just remember your wellies and mac. Oh, and bring the girls. lol Sophie would adore them. xx

  7. Actually I’m not a buildings person and I make it a priority to identify the shopping hot spots (purely for cultural and research reasons, obviously…) but in recent years I’ve really got into exploring and admiring architecture – boyf and I walked all over Rome and we loved exploring New York last month. Based on where I am right now, my younger self would say “What the eff are you doing in bed since 9pm on a Saturday night?” That said, my younger self would be glad I liked and loved myself a hell of a lot more these days. A hee hee!

    • I laughed so much when I realised that was an MJ ‘A hee hee!’. If it wasn’t it should be. Yes, don’t worry I ALWAYS identify the shopping hotspots but to be honest the buildings and flora/fauna caught my attention equally for the first time!
      As for my younger self – she’s puzzled as to why I suddenly love avocados – hated them until my 30’s. Weird.
      Thanks for your comments Nat. Appreciated. x

  8. That picture of you, Karen, is a winner! I’m glad someone noticed it 🙂 and of course that picture of me topped off with a hibiscus flower is a delight ha ha ha
    Another 2 trips will do me fine… learning Spanish is a challenge but I’ll beat it! So start saving! xxx

    • Well well well mother! What a surprise to see you here! There is no doubt in my mind that you will beat Spanish, challenge or not! So glad that you commented!
      Would your younger self have believed that you would be walking the length and breadth of Seville at *cough* over seventy? You run me ragged, woman!
      Thanks for the fabulous company.

  9. Seville looks gorgeous, as do you two ladies! I’ve never been to Spain but might have to put it on the ever growing list of places to visit. When I was younger I used to take photos of buildings and architecture mainly because of my design degree. I don’t so much now but find I’m more inspired with nature than I ever used to be. My 19 year old self would definitely wonder why I’m taking photos of dried seweed on the beach or autumn leaves. Actually my current self is not entirely sure why I do that!

    • And the pictures you take are stunning Isa so your 19 year old self would be very proud of you! Yes do add Seville as you’d swoon at the picture taking possibilities!
      Thanks for commenting, dollface.

  10. Loved your pictures and your writing. You do have a knack for writing interesting, humorous pieces. You and your Mom are both gorgeous.
    I do enjoy nature and taking photos of beautiful scenery. at 19, I would have had to have someone in the picture. I visited Seville once, but I was very ill by the time I arrived, so I missed the whole thing. That was a disappointment, because it was the area of Spain that I was most looking forward to seeing. If I ever return, I’ll get the hotel name from you. Italy is my favourite European place to visit, second of course to visiting you, my fabulous cousin. Myrtle

    • Thanks that’s a sweet thing to say! Such a shame you didnt get to enjoy Spain – gorgeous place! Yes happy to recommend the hotel – only go in august if you like HEAT though!
      Ta for commenting – much appreciated.


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