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Time for a celebration!

7 years ago...

I have always loved this picture. Taken of my eldest daughter en route to Notting hill Carnival seven years ago. At 14 she was too young to go alone (my opinion not hers) yet still young enough to consider a trip anywhere with her mother a real treat. This was the first time I looked upon her as a girl on the verge of being a woman. A trainee-woman, if you like. I remember that she borrowed my favourite orange head wrap, styled it with a flourish as a top, added some earrings and was ready to roll. Stunning! I remember that it was a scorching August bank holiday – that male heads turned to look at her as we worked our way through the crowds.

My baby girl.

My beautiful child reached 21 years last week. It’s difficult to express the mix of emotions I feel about this one. In my mind I’m barely past 21 myself (my body begs to differ on a daily basis unfortunately). In true style she took a week of partying to celebrate this milestone fully. I like to think that we kicked it off in a special way with female family time at Hellidon Spa – grandma, aunty, cousin and little sister. Her lovely idea and my purse – a match made in offspring heaven! Because she’s worth it.

Happy girl child!

So with those celebrations over I’m feeling a little gooey and generous! That and the fact I reached my own milestone of 250 ‘liker-lovers’ on my facebook page I feel it’s time for a little giveaway! And what could be a more fitting give away than something to break out for your own celebrations – African print bunting! *pauses for woops and cheers*

All the colours under the sun!

All YOU have to do to win this GORGEOUS HANDMADE COLOURFUL BUNTING is…(drum roll please)…

Comment below telling me what you will use my bunting to celebrate


‘Like’ my facebook page with your lurrvve.

Is that all? Well yes it is actually. If you also want to hit me with some extra hugs you could subscribe to this blog (hey I’m hardly prolific)

Closing date for entry is midnight Saturday 8th October but you can continue to comment to your hearts content after that!

Oh and one more thing…Happy 21st Birthday Kareem! Love mum xx


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  1. She’s so lovely! I also love that you still think you’re 21! You certainly party like one! I shall give you her little pressie when I see you next week. When I see how you are with your girls, I look forward to (hopefully) having that closeness with my girls. Oh and tell K that thanks to her the girls have had two fish since that week!

    • Seriously Nat – this getting older but not feeling older thing is doing my head in!
      I know you already have bunting but have you used it? Where did you hang it and why?
      As for partying like a 21 year old – it took all of my 49 years to recover believe me!
      Thanks for commenting lovely. See you soon xx

  2. I will be using the bunting to celebration my first distinction in 20+ years AND the 4th wedding anniversary that my sister (you!) forgot. As per usual I felt myself welling up when I read your blog entry. Keep up the good work hunny bun. Love you. xxx

    • Oh my goodness Mandy – public humiliation? Thanks!
      Yes I hold my hands up – in the midst of having a sh*te week at work I did inadvertently forget your 4th wedding anniversary! SORRY! I hope a public apology will do!
      And well done on your first distinction – many more to come I am sure!
      Happy belated Anniversary!
      Wuv you too xx

  3. I’d use the bunting to decorate my smallest girls room to celebrate her moving into it from ours!

  4. I don’t know who the bunting should go to, all I know is that they should enjoy the celebration and treasure it! C.x

  5. I would have the bunting adorning my Walls every day to celebrate the now 🙂
    Happy birthday to your first born x

    • I LOVE that idea – Celebrate the NOW! Yes we don’t celebrate being in the moment enough do we? To busy rushing and fussing instead of pausing and appreciating.
      Thanks for your comment 🙂 x

  6. Both my inlaws are 75 this month We’ve booked a large cottage for a weekend for a family gathering and party so i’d use your fabulous bunting to help celebrate their joint birthdays my MIL loves sewing and fabrics and my FIL is a colourful character so they would really appreciate it :0)

  7. Karen, I can still remember you pregnant and blooming! How can this be?! Your 21 year old is gorgeous – just like her mother, grandmother and sister of course. It certainly does bring a tear to the eye when you realise your ‘baby’ is all grown up.

    The bunting is lovely – maybe I would quilt a little something for you with it – happy celebrating and sewing!
    Di xx

    • Di! I’m always up for you to quilt me something!
      I know – I’m still getting my head around madam reaching such a grand age. Time doesn’t half whizz by, eh?
      Thanks for commenting, dollface xxx

  8. theothermousie

    What a beautiful girl you have there gorgeous!! Congratulations to her on her 21st birthday too!!

    I don’t need a reason to celebrate, I would just love to have your bunting in every room in my house. I think it would look great first off in my new craft room (thank you to my dear Mr M!!), then it could go on a tour of the rest of the house, before it settled into the role of official mousie towers celebration bunting ;))

    • Thank you! Yes she is rather easy on the eye 😉
      Such a lovely thing to say about my bunting – I love the idea of Bunting on Tour…it could catch on!
      Thanks for commenting, lovely. x

  9. Happy birthday to your lovely daughter – what a fabulous picture.

    Love the bunting, so colourful & cheerful. We shall be celebrating our “first date” anniversary on 29th October. We remember this one more than our actual wedding anniversary in June lol! Hubby Paul loves bunting and has been bugging me to buy some ever since i started selling, some 3 years now. Elaine

    • Isn’t it funny how you remember your first date better than your actual anniversary! Hahaha! Ellie it’s time you gave in to Pauls demands (so to speak). Good luck and thanks for your comment. x

  10. i just adore your bunting and your whole attitude. i can see this bunting decorating the room for my daugher Ivy’s upcoming 5th birthday… and again after that for my 2 year anniversary of becoming a single mum- that’s a happy event…! big love x

    • Gosh thanks Lucie! Or should I call you Last Minute Minnie? 😉
      I too, celebrate becoming a single mum – in fact my anniversary was only last week – 5 years! perhaps I should have another giveaway after this one!
      Happy anniversary and Happy 5th to Ivy!
      Thanks for commenting and good luck! xx


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