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Are burps really THAT funny?

My nephew came to stay.

‘Little man’ is six years old.

He likes porridge with raisins for breakfast.

He likes to drink water from a bottle.

He likes to wake up early in the morning. He can pull all the blinds up in the my house extremely quickly.

He likes washing machines and everything to do with them.

He is a very fast runner.

He loves to ride on the top of double decker the front…even if we only have two stops to travel.

He loves pink first and yellow second.

He doesn’t like having his hair brushed. That’s for girls.

He loves his mummy and his daddy very much.

He likes the computer.

His favourite phrase is ‘You’re a poo poo head’. Or anything ‘poo’ related actually.

He giggles at his own burps. Every single time.

He’s gone back home now. I miss him.

I reeeeally hope my sister likes pink...

What struck me was how awake and alive and unflagging little man’s energy was from sun up to sun down. He was up and bouncing on my bed at 7am (I have since learned that this was something of a lie-in by child standards) On the first day we walked to the park, ran up the road, skipped to the shops and rode on the bus. Five of them. We made a very pink Valentines mobile for mummy…well lil L drew lots of hearts and I put it all together! I’m not ashamed to admit that I kept one eye on the clock until his bedtime. I was fast asleep less than an hour after he went to bed!

I have two girls who are now much older but I don’t remember feeling so ‘in demand’. They even woke up later. Maybe my memory is just fading with age. Are boys really THAT different?

And are burps really THAT funny?


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  1. As an ex small boy I can categorically state that yes, burps are funny.

    • Hahaha! I laughed at the fact that the pattern remained the same. There was a anticipatory pause in readiness for the emission – then a burp – then an unfailingly polite ‘pardon me’ in the cutest voice. Then the giggles. How can you not adore that? It’s making me laugh now actually. Thanks for your comment…and for the confirmation. x

  2. Sounds like you had a blast and he sounds adorable! Loving the mobile! I’m knackered every day. I closed my eyes for “2 mins” at 4.50pm and woke up 25 minutes later… I’m lying in bed right now willing myself to get up. My girls also love the front of the bus 😉

  3. I’m impressed that you got the ‘pardon me’ we usually just get the fits of giggles 😉

    • Oh yes Lil L is unfailingly polite if nothing else! However when he moves on to the inevitable farts followed by giggles I may revise my opinion. Remember our brothers? Thanks for your comment, dollface. Appreciated. x

  4. Oui oui mother burps are very funny – especially Lukes! Love this post the first bit is so cute! Have to say it was hilarious having him around – bus rides will never be the same without him…

    • I totally agree. I was completely unable to resist his excited face when we got on…and when we were able to sit upstairs…at the front…pure unbridled delight! Loved it!

  5. How nice, to have a small one around, after it’s been a while… lovely.

    And no, burps aren’t that funny – what IS it with little boys? Ack.

    • Hah! Yes the Lil Man was so refreshing to be around – little people have a habit of forcing to see things from a completely different perspective.
      The burping thing? I teach in a secondary boys school. It turns in to The Farting Thing. Entire lessons dissolve when one is ‘let go’. *blank face*.
      I dont think I’ll ever truly get it!
      Thanks for your comment – much appreciated!


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