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These days you can find me over on my website Reddskin

My name is Ms A and I’m an Ex-teacher.
I  raised  two sassy women, alone for the most part, both or whom are back living with me. My eldest even brought her (wonderful ) fiance. It’s a full, messy, loving, noisy home with ne’er a dull moment.
I started sewing many moons ago. I’d had a full blown hayfever attack one summer
and I was so bored staying indoors that my ever-resourceful mother taught me how to use her precious sewing machine. (thank you!)

Fast forward many years and you will find someone who enables women to stand tall, creating beautiful Bespoke clothing for stylish women, by hand, with an emphasis on colour and pattern.
I also teach others to fall in love with sewing.
I write here when the mood takes me.

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